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The Brand

We have set out to craft frames that are bold and timeless. We carefully design each pair by combining beautiful materials that are not only strong and appealing but, sustainable and responsible. Our choice for wood brings a warm rugged appeal in contrast to the cold refined cellulose acetate used to craft each pair. Our vision is to help you see your full potential with glasses that are progressive to keep up with your ever evolving style. Our story started years ago and we want to share it with you, so you can also share your story to help others grow and understand that we are all Protagonist’s of our story.

The Founders

We are two friends that have grown to be brothers and we believe that we all have a purpose & we hope that each pair of our frames will see yours through. Our journey has had some ups and many downs throughout the years but, we have never stopped. This is only the beginning of our story, what’s yours?